Monday, June 22, 2009

Mount Isa and a New Plane

Hi, sorry its been a while since my last post. I have been very busy and also my internet connection was being so unstable it was impossible to write anything and upload pictures without it cutting out. But today i have mostly off and it seems to be working well, so time to capitalise!

So i have been doing much the same flying as i have already spoken about. We got some good rains and i got some amazing shots of planes landing on ungrooved runway surfaces from the Alice Springs tower. But i will save most of them for another day and another post.

So i did a charter to Mount Isa. For those who don't know Mount Isa, its a large mining town in central Queensland with a population of 30,000ish. Its a long flight, 370nm, which in a single engine piston takes about 2.5 hours. But its a good setup there, i left to get some lunch, talked to some of the local operators and dreaded flying back home for 2.5 hours haha. But the shell refueller helped me load 80 litres into the wings and off i went. I snapped a few departure photos. You can see below the extent of some of the mining and the main part of town. The airport was directly behind me.

My company also aquired a Cessna Conquest. It is a nice plane, twin turbine and pressurised. I dont know when it will get business and who is going to fly it just yet, but its a good looking plane and my boss snapped a few photos of it on my camera as he needed one and i had one in my flight bag, so i will share some of them.

I also finally learnt how to edit and crop photos better then i had been, so i will post a few older photos i got of other planes taking off at community strips.

Im pretty sure this is Joe taking off from Tjukurla.