Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some photos from line training. About a third of the way through it.. massively study intensive and making a me hermit. Hope you enjoy, i'll be back to normal blogging and stories soon, but at the moment quite literally too busy.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Line Flying

Start flying the line on Friday, with my first flight to Port Macquarie, which is on the mid north coast of NSW for those not from Australia. Is very exciting but also pretty scary at the same time. I don't ever remember being so nervous about flying a plane before. I guess its finally the real thing. You train and learn so much in the sim, that when it comes to crunch time, it seems foreign to actually get into a real plane.

I will be doing the majority of all my flying down in Melbourne, but the first two flights are based out of Sydney. It will also be the first time that i will fly in and out of Sydney International as pilot flying, and even from the right seat of a 19T aircraft! Pretty cool. It's definately a weird feeling to be achieving i guess what was my dream growing up, watching the planes arrive and depart, and now to actually be part of this and being part of the operating crew is something that i can't really put into words.

So the sims went without a hitch, actually, i lie. I had to repeat one item, which wasn't a fail, but the instructor basically said that he wanted to see it done better. SO, i repeated it, and did it better :) and then my final check was over, and i am being let loose on the line to finish my training. The company requires 100 hours with a training captain to get checked to line as a minimum, so lets hope i'm up to the challenge! Exciting times ahead, plus in the next 2 weeks i will be flying in and out of Melbourne Tullermarine, Sydney Kingsford-Smith, Canberra, and various smaller regional areas. I guess i have wanted to work flying on the east-coast of Australia out of these destinations since i started flying, so its so so so SO cool, that it's finally happening.

Hopefully bring you some pics and other news shortly. For now back to the FCOM and study, preparing my Jepp plates and making sure i know what im actually doing on Friday haha.

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