Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flying the Baron

Well its been awesome! I cant say how much im enjoying life with a second engine. Dont get me wrong, its not a full time thing, but just flying it once or twice a week is good for me, just for something different and its definately faster and a lot more fun.

I had to take the token engine shot! Also nice to be back into a low wing aircraft!

The baron is a sports car of a plane - looks good and goes reasonably fast for a piston. It isnt really a charter machine though. Its comfortable etc, and presents well, but it doesnt really have good fuel range or payload. Essentially its a C210 with a second engine of equal power. So its great in the climb! After doing 2 flights in the baron, the 210 felt incredibly under powered and wrong haha. I guess thats pretty normal when going back to a single engine.

This was on approach into Elliot. Its about 150nm north of Tennant Creek, on the Stuart Hwy. We were flying some doctors there, so they could run a clinic.

Token shot of the baron controls inflight!

Finally, the baron parked at Warrabri. Its about 80nm south of Tennant Creek.
Also a youtube clip of us landing when we returned to Alice Springs.