Thursday, November 26, 2009

Few new photos

Hi all.

Not much to report with flying, except its hot and bumpy. Just thought id share some new photos taken on a recent mailrun and a few odd charters that i have done.

Here is the gap between Papunya and Haasts Bluff. Its only a 13nm leg, so as a shortcut we fly through the gap. Lots of fun, although sometimes pretty bumpy.

This is the gap seen from the ground at Papunya.

Coming into King Creek station, which is near Kings Canyon. A pretty big tourist area in the red centre along with Uluru and the Olga's.

This is approaching Kings Canyon again. Pretty cool formations. Was apparently once upon a time an inland ocean? Who knows, kinda looks like it would have been though.

The most essential part of my days flying. This isnt on the minimum equipment list, but it may as well be. Flying without one means certain boredom.

Taken at the helm of SWT. A nice baron to fly.

Random survey DC-3 with PT6 powerplant converstion, registered in South Africa that was using our hangar for maintenance for a few weeks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So i finally went to Borroloola (Brl). Was good to go there, as it is a remote base for the company i work for, however i dont envy the pilots that have to live there! I had to fly some school kids returning home for school holidays, via Rockhampton downs, which was pretty much on the way. Brl is 425nm from Alice, so its a long flight! especially in a C210.

Main street in Brl. Its actually not as bad as it looks, as remote areas go. Its closer to Mt Isa than Darwin or Alice Springs. Its about a 3 hour flight to Darwin from here as well. Its right in the Gulf area of the Northern Territory. I have spoken about the Barkly mailrun which goes near Brl.

Random view out the plane. I actually meant to upload a picture of the MacArthur River mine, but cant seem to find the photo i took of it. They dont like us flying over the mine, as it gets quite a bit of turboprop and jet traffic.

The view at Rockhampton downs, you can see it was quite windy! In fact i dont think i have encountered heavier winds on the ground as this day. The only saving grace was that it was calm and smooth about 6000ft, which is rare this time of year.

On the way up there was massive amounts of wind and dust blown everywhere. Questionable VFR flying conditions, but none the less was still able to maintain visual contact with the ground etc and don't believe that safety was ever in question.

On a wide base into Brl. It was really busy when i came into it. There was a C404 Titan departing, a second C210 in the circuit and i was also following a C182.

Brian, one of the pilots outside his living area. Good guy from Tasmania, so we give him a bit for being from there, but none the less, a good bloke!

The line up of planes at Brl. I was refuelling and snapped it when i was finished. You can see lots of C210's, C310's and also a C402 which was cut out of the photo on the left hand side.
Anyway, enjoy the photos, till next time.