Monday, April 1, 2013

Well.. i haven't blogged in a while.. I didn't really know what to write.. but here are some pictures in the mean time!

For those who read this still (if there are any) i recently flew a Sydney to Gladstone routing, which is a long way, but had solid loads which was good to see.. Here are some photos from that.

For those other readers, Gladstone is 50nm south of Rockhampton in North Queensland. I didn't really realise how far away it is, and really is too long for a turboprop, even one with 'jet like speeds'. But i'm sure those who need to get to GLA without the need to transfer through Brisbane, would be a big time saver.

Northbound to GLA, Flightlevel 240

Various FMS shots on our 610nm epic journey!

Finally, landed at GLA.. Token prop shot from the foward door

Night time shot from cruising level FL250