Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You get some amazing shots flying. I guess that's the second biggest perk of the job! With number one being i get paid to do what i love. There aren't to many jobs around where people bring cameras to your place of work and take photos of you working. I guess i share their passion, except i get to take the photos from inside the flightdeck. So this is my second favorite part of my job, being able to take photos of the amazing things i see.. unfortunately a lot of scenes just aren't easily captured by a camera. Sunrise and sunset in particular. Maybe when i fly a bigger plane with longer sectors i will bring my big SLR to work and try capture some more. Until, i have only these.

Once again i thank everyone who still follows this blog. I know i don't post anywhere near what i used to, but i have to be careful in the day and age of social media and what is acceptable at my work and what isn't.

Until the next post, enjoy sunrise from FL190.