Thursday, November 26, 2009

Few new photos

Hi all.

Not much to report with flying, except its hot and bumpy. Just thought id share some new photos taken on a recent mailrun and a few odd charters that i have done.

Here is the gap between Papunya and Haasts Bluff. Its only a 13nm leg, so as a shortcut we fly through the gap. Lots of fun, although sometimes pretty bumpy.

This is the gap seen from the ground at Papunya.

Coming into King Creek station, which is near Kings Canyon. A pretty big tourist area in the red centre along with Uluru and the Olga's.

This is approaching Kings Canyon again. Pretty cool formations. Was apparently once upon a time an inland ocean? Who knows, kinda looks like it would have been though.

The most essential part of my days flying. This isnt on the minimum equipment list, but it may as well be. Flying without one means certain boredom.

Taken at the helm of SWT. A nice baron to fly.

Random survey DC-3 with PT6 powerplant converstion, registered in South Africa that was using our hangar for maintenance for a few weeks.


  1. Hey,
    Love your blog it's great.
    Just wondering what do you use to patch your iPod into your headset?

  2. hey mate.. thanks for reading!

    i just put the earphones under my headset.. i have the bose anr so i can still hear the radios clear and dont need have the music up loud to hear. also you have very limited VHF coverage out where i fly, so there isnt a whole lot to listen to anyway.. most of the IFR flights are done using HF radio..

    not sure where you are from, but flying out there isnt much to listen to in the way centre.. although the 126.7 unicom frequency can get pretty busy.