Friday, June 25, 2010

Bored doing an all day wait

The only reason im writing this is to cure boredom. So if its rambles or just pictures, apologies in advance. I get borred quite quickly, and with newly acquired music im happy to sit here typing away listening to it!

I have done a lot of flying recently. I went to Tennant Creek recently and flew back at night which was a cool charter. Was weird to be back in Central Australia. I had actually forgotten the dry heat, the smells and just how different it is to the top end. But it was good hours for the logbook, nice to meet up with some of the boys from my old company, and even a dude i worked with in Kununurra was there. Good news San Diego!

Flying down to Tennant. This is near the waypoint DOSAM which is about 150nm north of Tennant, near Elliot.

A blurry photo coming back into Darwin at around 1am. Was really hard to get a shot, and this was the best result!

Other than that the flying has been pretty routine. Similar places etc. I did goto Robinson River the other day. Its only about 100km from Borroloola which i have spoken about in 2 previous posts. Thats one place in the NT i hadn't been too which was pretty regular for my last company. So was interesting to go there, even if all i did all day was watch cable tv.

Lining up at Milingimbi with a conquest backtracking behind me.

Some of the coastline between Maningrida and Milingimbi.

Anyway till next time.

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