Saturday, August 28, 2010


So was wondering does anyone still actually read this blog? I know the old man does, but am just curious?

Anyway, i get stuck for ideas to post about, so if you do read it, please leave comments on aspects/photos of my job you would like to see more of.

Regards, Mike


  1. Here! Aviation is great. Australians are spiffy. That makes this a double-plus good blog.

    I'm interested in all the little details that make up your work day, things you might not think blogworthy but that make your job unique. Regulatory hoops you have to jump through, the logistics of taking care of an airplane in remote locations, weather conditions you encounter that might be unusual in other parts of world. Oh, and interesting stories about passengers/customers; those stories you can tell without causing trouble for yourself. Things like that.

  2. I do!
    Looking forward to your every post.
    Like the pictures from your trips.
    Keep on going mate :)

    / Niklas from Sweden

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  4. As someone who'd like to fly in airspace outside the US someday, I concur with Wayne Conrad. I like to see pretty pictures, but I also like to hear about the nuances of the Australian system, the specifics of a particular flight, and your advice to anyone thinking about doing your job someday.

  5. Still read and enjoy. I love hearing about your job and life as a GA pilot up north.

    Hoping to join ya one day!

  6. Still following along Mike. Even if the posts are spread out, its nice to see how you are doing and the career progression over time. As well as the pics!

  7. Absolutely read every post! I'm a CPL in training from Sydney, and it's great to read an Australia-based flying blog, and especially one from up north.

    Anything you're happy to post, from pictures to stories to useful tips you've picked up along the way, anything is good!

  8. wow! im overwhelmed with the response! i genuinely didnt realise many people read this. i will try do some new postings of general day to day stuff that we need to do, i guess there are set procedures and different ways i go about my day, to flight planning, to pre-flighting, to fuelling, to clearances, loading and eventually loading pax for a flight, that i never touch on, which really, i guess after doing it for 2000 hours seems mundane and normal, but its a refined process i go through every flight.

    brendan, if you ever need help feel free to contact me, good luck with your CPL.


  9. You are right! I do read your blogs and look forward to them. Good pictures and interesting stories!

  10. Yep, I read them also, look forward to it daily..I like the cockpit photos, and any stories if incidents that you might have had..Bill

  11. Same here, I read every post, I really like the photos. I like the way you say it like it is.

    1. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.