Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dash-8-ski. I have seen fans like this in the russian planes, but in one of our planes without an APU, there are fans to keep us cool during summer turn around's. Surprisingly effective, but seriously vintage! Thought it was kinda weird and funny. I also didn't really notice it being there till the captain pointed it out to me. Don't know whether i should admit that point however.

Anyway, all the best for the Christmas holidays, hope its been great with good family and food! Once again thanks for reading and the support! 


  1. Funny post and thanks. I note the score marks on the liner... More seriously, I have to wonder why a -8 is flying without an APU. Is this Broken Crutch Airways? If so, you might want to double-check your Engine Failure Check List. It may say:
    Open cocpit window
    Extend fan and activate
    Increase voltage as necessary to maintain current altitude.
    -thanks for the fun post.

  2. Thanks for the stories this year. Hope you got off for Cristmas. Happy New year.

  3. It was bought with no APU due to taking extra weight out of the QLD ports in summer. But then it was too hot and gross up north at that time of year to be used for it. So it ended up in Eastern! Its good plane, flies straight, and climbs really well, but has old school electro magnetic instruments and of course the fan and no APU. When we have ground power on days under 25 degrees, its a good bus.. anything else and its difficult!

  4. Are you still alive? It simply must be time for a new post... Don't you think. Happy New Year. -C.

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