Tuesday, June 4, 2013

You get some amazing shots flying. I guess that's the second biggest perk of the job! With number one being i get paid to do what i love. There aren't to many jobs around where people bring cameras to your place of work and take photos of you working. I guess i share their passion, except i get to take the photos from inside the flightdeck. So this is my second favorite part of my job, being able to take photos of the amazing things i see.. unfortunately a lot of scenes just aren't easily captured by a camera. Sunrise and sunset in particular. Maybe when i fly a bigger plane with longer sectors i will bring my big SLR to work and try capture some more. Until, i have only these.

Once again i thank everyone who still follows this blog. I know i don't post anywhere near what i used to, but i have to be careful in the day and age of social media and what is acceptable at my work and what isn't.

Until the next post, enjoy sunrise from FL190.


  1. Well, I enjoy reading it when you do post and I enjoy the photos. I understand the secret blogger thing, I did it for over two years before I retired.

    Photoshop was my friend!

    Thanks for the post

  2. Nice to read you again Mike.
    Do you have any official guideline against photography in the flightdeck in your airline?

  3. With the onset of instagram and so on, it's almost TOO easy to share one's flying pictures...but sometimes I do like just sharing pictures in a blog, because then you can perhaps attach a story behind it. (How backwards...attach a story to a picture as opposed to attach a picture to the story haha)

    And now everyone is also getting GoPro's which is nice...I'm somewhat torn between a DSLR or a GoPro for my next big purchase!

    Keep blogging :)

  4. Love the pictures :-)
    Keep blogging!

  5. Really nice blog Mike, thank you for having shared your flying adventures for 4 years now!

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