Sunday, May 10, 2009


Not sure what i am going to post about, so i thought i would collect some random photos of the night flying and overnights i have done recently.

Here are some photos of my accomodation whilst i was in Lajamanu, which is also known as Hooker Creek. Apparently i was lucky to get this accomodation and the other facilities are quite a bit more rundown. I guess i was very lucky that it wasnt too hot and wasnt in summer,

I have been trying to get some night hours so when i have early departures i try to leave an hour or more earlier to get some night time. Same as a late departure, i will wait around till dark. Sometimes it doesnt feel the best to do in a single engine plane, but i guess the plane doesn't know it's night time.

These photos are a pictures of me flying home from Warburton, which is around 420 something nautical miles away. When IFR we go via waypoint rooks, Ayers Rock and arntu. The photos i'm going to post arent that clear, but its hard to get a good shot at night without a tripod and while flying a plane!

Alice rwy 12 ILS.

The next photo is primarily for my dad. Its a picture of some Bluff thingy he asked me about, and although i know the name of it, it eludes me everytime i think of it go to talk about it, but for him here it is!

I also recently did a tour of Giles meteorological station which is right near the community of Warakurna, which isnt too far from Warburton. I got the tour as i was flying a guy who is responsible for fixing some of the gear they have down there. Was an interesting day and i learnt a lot. I also had the absolute correct winds from the weather balloon they lauched earlier to me arriving, so i didnt need to get any extra fuel thanks to that knowledge, which worked out well as the bowser they have at Giles was broken.

The last photo i will leave you with is sunrise inbound to Tennant Creek. I cant remember what charter or mailrun this was, but its a cool photo and made getting up at around 3am worth it.


  1. I think you mean Haasts Bluff! Thanks for thinking of me. Dad

  2. Night flying over nothingness in a 210 nice! I do it in a single but its a turbine...slightly more reassuring.
    Regards to your question FL120 is IFR. One has to get up that high regularly to clear terrain and weather(well try to clear weather).
    Tanzania is nothing like Aussie when it comes to nothingness. There is only small pocekts of the country where I can't get hold of Dar es Salaam control or some other control like a tower. I did a bit of flying out in WA and worked on a sheep station on the Nullurbor, there isn't as much uninhabited space in Tanzania as Australia.