Tuesday, May 19, 2009

William Creek

Well, last monday i got a phone call telling me that i had to goto William Creek for a week. I cant tell you how much a phone call like this sinks even the highest spirits. Doing time in remote Australia can test anyone. So, i wont say i was negative about it, but my spirits were definately lifted when i found out another pilot i work with was going down with me. On top of that they didnt explain that id be flying for the week as well.

We were sent down to help a company out doing scenic flights over Lake Eyre in South Australia. All their pilots had run out of duty and hours and 2 planes needed maintenance. Its about 340nm to William Creek from Alice Springs.

So when i arrived it was dark, and met the owner and got set up in one of the houses they had. I should let you know, William Creek has literally a pub, a campground and the two houses that the company doing scenics owned. So its very remote, located on the Oodnadatta track, between Coober Pedy and Marree.

Here is a photo of the William Creek pub. The bloke on the left is Rich, who is an awesome bloke and hope i can somehow keep in contact with him.

Anyway all things considered, i had a ball! I was well looked after, good meals and accomodation, good fun with the boys that worked there full time, made some friends and learnt how to ride a quad bike. The flying and scenery was amazing to put lightly, so i didnt mind doing the scenic flying, although its not my first choice. I hate cramming 5 tourists into a C210. However, they all seemed to enjoy it, and i got to have some fun flying and a good change from doing mailruns every week! I can say that if i was looking for a first job all over again, i would definately consider this company, as they looked after their pilots, good flying and overall a lot of fun.

I'll leave you with some photos of the Lake taken at sunset.


  1. That would be TW, of W-Air.
    I imagine that working for him would be a very safe & a very instructive experience.

  2. hey ... :) had been very busy recently but now got time to check your blog again! ... just one word AWESOME! :) keep it going! :)

    btw. I set up a new one, which I am going to update more frequently ;) ... check it out: http://takeoffthrust.blogspot.com