Thursday, December 3, 2009

Middle of the Simpson Desert

So i thought i would post 3 photos of what an exploration camp in the middle of the Simpson desert looks like. I will say this is the actual middle of nowhere. There is nothing around anywhere! It is only about 250km from Alice as the crow flies, but still. I have been flying miners/drillers here in a 210 as the runway isnt strong enough for a twin or caravan. Its actuall long and fairly firm in the middle, but its quite narrow and very soft around the edges. You sorta fly over all these desert dunes, then you see a patch of trees.. and you know its slightly to the right of the trees. And then all of a sudden a sad excuse for a runway appears! haha. Its known as Simpson 2, but im unaware of what they are looking for, even though im sure i was told.

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