Monday, January 18, 2010

206 Charter

So the new company i work for has a pretty diverse fleet. From the C206 all the way to the metroliner, and soon to a 32 seat Embraer Brasilia. Also operate a fleet of cessna 404 titans, 402's, Barons and conquests! So there is definately great opportunity to fly great aircraft.

This particular C206 is decked out with a Garmin 530, Autopilot and some sort of weather radar thing. I don't know how well it works yet, although i'm sure i will out soon enough being the wet season.

We departed runway 18 at Darwin and then a left turn to 220 to track south-west. I managed to get a good shot of the city.

At the moment im checked to line flying the C206 and C210 for something different! C206 is a fun plane to fly, although its a lot slower than what im used to. But at the moment im enjoying to scenery and smoother air to complain :) It's also nice to be in a radar environment with a clearance delivery, ground, tower approach and departure frequencies to deal with.

Darwin is still pretty small compared to most cities, but its definately bigger and feels better than Alice Springs to live in. Although i do miss the friends i made in Alice a lot. So enough chit chat, i'll show you some pictures of my flight to Channel Point. Its only 60nm from Darwin, and is basically a row of nice houses in the middle of nowhere! However they had all the bells and whistles, including cable tv and comfy leather couches haha.

Here is a view from the shore at Channel Point. The water is full of saltwater crocs and stingers to no swimming. Most people here go for the barramundi fishing.

Outside view of the house we stayed in.

Not a bad way to spend the day and get paid!


  1. Congrats on the new gig mike, looking forward to all manner of blog-fodder and pics!!

  2. Oh, we have quite a few metroliners operating here in Canada, and I've heard a few good names for them. They're probably universal, but just in case these are new, here's what I've heard them referred to as here:

    The Texas Tampon ( everythings bigger in texas...)

    The Sewer-tube

    The Lawn Dart

    The Loser Cruiser

  3. haha. we call them the death pencils, and more recently the ned kelly, due to the lack of visibility out the front window.