Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some might remember the old photo i had as my blog header! I guess the ones who actually read it may have some idea which photo i mean!

This blog is a tribute to a friend who became a good mate through a friend of a friend. It is always hard to goto a new place, new city and not know anyone to help you out or where to go etc. But without even meeting me, Dave was able hook up some pizza, accomodation if i needed and answered everything a young fresh commerical pilot needs to ask!

The man himself!! His advice and support has helped me through all my work in GA. I definately owe him a lager or 6.

The instruments and throttles of a C404. I dare say in a year this is all i will post photos of as i progress forward! i hope so anyway.

The plane being loaded by one of the agencies that organises the bookings for these flights.

And finally the original photo from the header of the blog. It all comes back to where it kinda started! This is taken across the ramp back towards the company i work for.

I was a fresh, green and inexperienced pilot back then and didnt know the world of GA like i do. But his one bit of advice was to get into same company he worked. And with a bit of luck and lots of hard work! (a successful interview helped) im now there. Funny how this picture takes me back to the time when i was longing for that good GA job, with no experience in aviation except a few pieces of paper that allowed me to fly aeroplanes with people inside for commerical operations.
Anyway its late night, and its my food for thought! Thanks Dave, your words of advice were acted upon!

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