Friday, January 22, 2010

Lake Evella Charter

I think thats how you spell it. Today was some good wet season flying, but i didnt get to snap to much of the storms as i was too busy dodging terrain and remaining visual to snap photos! Either way i got some of Lake Evella and the flight there in the morning. Enjoy.

Main street in Lake Evella. The 'top end' communities seem a lot nicer than the central Australian ones. It's definately smoother flying, with sealed runways and VHF coverage most of the way.

210 i was in today, parked at Lake Evella.

Mission Aviation Fellowship airvan, doing a mailrun i think, similar to my job back in Alice Springs. Can't say i miss flying the airvan. 300 hours on type is more than enough!

Some build up in the morning over the Alligator river. We provide life vests in these planes as its a legal requirement and we do tend to fly over large areas of water often. But the crocs in that river would render them useless.

Smooth air at 7500ft. Awesome.

Looking at one of the most northern areas of Australian coastline. Next stop would be Indonesia or East Timor.

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