Sunday, April 10, 2011

I thought this was cool

So you can see the evolution in my career. The first 2 bar's i wore literally dissolved due to sweat, dirt etc. I think i must have wiped my face on my shoulder a few too many times, and you can see how scabby they become! My dad would have hated seeing something as gross as that. But he wasn't here to complain. The second set of 2 bars was my room mates old ones which were donated to me because he thought mine looked "unprofessional."

I actually had over 500 multi engine command before i got 3 bars. The only reason i bought them was that everytime i did the RPT (regular public transport) flights all my pax started commented that they "had the junior pilot!" Naturally i couldn't have that, but the crux came when i was flying with a more junior pilot than myself, but they had 3 stripes and everyone thought they were checking me to line. Petty aren't I? Anyhoo, thats the evolution of my GA uniform. 3 sets of wings, with a 4th to add soon. I start driving south tomorrow, exciting stuff.


  1. Petty? No. We all want to be rewarded for effort and recognized for achievement.


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