Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starting the new gig tomorrow

So i start the new job tomorrow. Very exciting. Im told to bring a suitcase for all the training books and manuals we are meant to be given. Lots of study to come, and once again becoming a hermit.

The drive from Darwin to Sydney was really really long! But made it safely back. My car was covered in bugs, and im pretty sure the suspension is completely destroyed. Lets just say it wasn't designed for country roads at 130km in the Territory and 110 all other places.

Here are some photos from the trip -


  1. Yikes! What are the roads like between civilisation and the territory? I'm starting to think my little corrola may not be up to the challenge :P

  2. It's greener than I imagined. Love the photo of the dragon.

  3. Did you run over that snake? Haha. Looks like a beautiful drive after the wet.

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