Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ok i lied - one more post!

Just to keep you all entertained i uploaded some of the photos off my phone the other day. Some i have no idea why i took, others are pretty self explanatory. There is one when i closed the main airport at Darwin due to blowing a nosewheel on landing.

For those who want more details of the new job? Yes it is still in Aviation, it is still flying, i have to wear a coat and hat, and it burns kerosense, with around 6.6x the power of the current plane. And roughly 5x the amount of people! Its on the East Coast of Australia, and i will be based at Sydney International.

This is from a Baron about to head over Bathurst Island in the dry season.

This is a funeral plane, carrying a dead body. It was on Bathurst Island. It was one of 7 flights i did in a single since i was checked on twin engine aeroplanes.

Troughten Island! This in my memory was probably my favourite charter in GA. If not my favourite, it was in the top 3. Thats actually not a bad blog post - 3 most memorable flights to date.

Approach into Darwin at night. From memory this was from a Titan, returning from Ramingining.

Following a 747 on the taxiway at Darwin. I stopped here to avoid jetblast. It is really bad if you get to close to a 737 or 717. I didn't even test the 747! It went via a Malaysian Airlines flight number.

Finally, yours truely blowing a tyre on landing. The first incident i had that closed the main airport, and caused 3 jets to do missed approaches! Sorry to them if they read!



  1. Congrats on the new job Mike! Would love to hear more (obviously not on the blog for employment reasons :P)!

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  2. Congrats also Mike. My comments don't seem to be getting through reliably. Sydney basing, very nice. Hopefully you won't have to wear the hat too often :)